Logistics: The definite Decalogue for project managers.

The useful learnings gathered during years of work as a freelance project manager in the Retail construction and Interior outfitting industries.


  1. If you receive a damaged delivery, write DAMAGED down on the delivery note. Always take photos.
  2. Never sign the driver’s delivery note until the goods have been unloaded.
  3. Do not trust truck drivers. Their interest is to unload as soon as possible and at all costs.
  4. Do not accept deliveries arriving ahead of what has been agreed if it is not convenient for your planning or it could put the goods at risk.
  5. Plan the arrival of international deliveries on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. That way you will avoid interference with the weekend.
  6. Clarify with your suppliers any time restrictions for loading and unloading. Pay attention to sites located at pedestrian streets or shopping centers.
  7. Clarify with your suppliers any potential restrictions on access due to vehicle length and weight.
  8. Know the differences between a tail lifting platform, a forklift, and a pallet truck.
  9. Check the possible level jumps between the unloading place and the final destination. Plan accordingly.
  10. Sometimes it is necessary to book the delivery arrival on an online platform (i.e. on large building sites in Germany). Clarify with your suppliers how much notice of delivery time needs to be given.
  11. Ask for the EORI number in advance when importing from other continents.
  12. In case of doubts about an unknown delivery, it is convenient to inspect the goods. You can even carefully open a box.
I hope you find this useful. Please leave a comment especially if you are also a freelance project manager working in the retail construction or the interior outfitting industries.
Extra tip: Depending on the project it may be interesting to find an alternative delivery point where the items can be offloaded to smaller vehicles for delivery to site by the General Contractor.
Extra tip 2: Trailers in the UK are higher than in the rest of Europe. Read the story here.

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