Interior production specialist: Considerations for design and engineer a Bar.

The Bar is one of the most complex and difficult elements of the interior design in terms of engineering and management of its production. There are plenty of things to consider and the sooner you implement them along the process, the better the result will be, and the smoother the process.

Attention, I am speaking about the counter element where the drinks are served. Don’t confuse it with the metal profile and neither with the place where you go in the weekends.

During the design phases of the process here are some bits of advice:

’Designers, please avoid as much as possible the use of wood as a material in the Bar area. The Bar is a wet area and wood is not a friend of liquids. Yes, I am speaking also about the outer cladding. Think of durability: a leakage in the equipment might occur, and at that moment you better have waterproof materials in the area like steel, stone or plastic. Wood is also more difficult to clean and that doesn’t help in the food industry.’

’Staff operating the Bar, (or Client), it is now the moment to decide if you want to work with a raised floor, let’s say a platform that will make the bartenders stand in a higher level than the clients or just keeping the same floor level in & outside the bar. This decision affects all the other heights involved like the bartop, worktop, shelves over the bar, bottle racks… ’

During the engineer and production phases:

Preferably count with 2 different companies: The Equipment supplier and the Furniture builder. Both companies are experts in their specific matters they should meet for working collaboratively. They have to clarify the limits of their scope of works and align between them in the following things: ‘how to access the equipment in case of required maintenance’? Should the outer cladding be removable or fixed? How the installation will happen? Better if they share their detailed drawings.

Extra tip: A mouse can get through a hole of 6mm. Seal your bar so it can be mouseproof! Believe me, it is possible.

I’ve managed and successfully delivered four complex bars in my career and these are some of the learnings I gathered.

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