Refurbishment project successfully completed: From creepy apartment into a trendy vintage loft

This apartment was in the creepiest situation I have ever seen. The owner had died 30 years ago,  and the daughters and sons kept the property locked down until then. There was almost no oxygen in the air when I first entered. Only a couple of pigeons flying and shitting all around the living room.

It was only 55sqm but there were 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. That’s a lot for only 55 sqm. You can imagine how fully packed and crowded was the space.

My first advice to the client was to start demolishing absolutely everything, except the structure of course. Having a white canvas would allow us to design, plan and estimate in a better way.

The demolition works were very difficult. The building was 100 years old with a wooden structure. We knew that after stripping out the partitions the structure would readjust and potential cracks could appear. Tip! Take some photos of the neighbor’s apartments before start your demolition works. That way you can know what you should repair and what not in case of new cracks appearing on the paint.

The leftovers after demolishing the brick walls had to be placed strategically to not create an unbearable load. And of course, every day the workers spent hours cleaning all the dust in the common areas. Eventually, the demolition works ended. See a photo below.






The second phase of the project:

  1. Survey the space for starting with an accurate drawing of the existing situation.
  2. Position the areas and start designing the layout. (Normally I collaborate with another independent colleague who is an interior designer. As an exception, in this project I did this myself).
  3. Prepare the project description: specifications, planning, and budget estimations.


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